Kyambura Game Reserve is home to endangered chimpanzees living in Kyambura forest reserve. Kyambura game reserve is also known as “the valley of Apes” situated within the kyambura Gorge in Queen Elizabeth national park alongside the Kyambura forest Reserve. Kyambura gorge is place of real amazing and interesting endangered chimpanzees.

Kyambura Game Reserve
Kyambura Game Reserve

Kyambura Game Reserve was put in place to act as a buffer zone since most animals always appear to the place to drink water from the kyambura gorge during the dry seasons. Kyambura gorge was formed as a result of the water pressure and force from the flowing Kyambura River that brought the steep rocks together.

Chimpanzees in the Kyambura reserve within kyambura gorge are said to be the second unique tourist attraction in Queen Elizabeth national park after the tree climbing lions in the Ishasha sector. Kyambura game reserve and kyambura wildlife reserve are taken to be unique destinations for habituated chimpanzees trekking in Queen Elizabeth national park. Chimpanzees behaviors of playing up and down the trees gives you a chance to capture closer photographs and also witness there way of living in the wild.

Besides the habituated chimpanzees in Kyambura gorge, kyambura game reserve is also a home to a variety of primates that you observe and enjoy entertainments from them as you do a nature walk through the kyambura game reserve. Some of the common primate species include: red-tailed monkeys, Baboons, cheeky monkeys, black and white colobus monkeys, blue colobus monkeys among others.

Chimpanzee trekking in kyambura gorge doesn’t necessarily require any skill but a physically fit person since the activity involves walking for a longer distance. However the walk is worth it since it exposes you to the new world cover with verdant tree canopies.

Kyambura game reserve is served by kyambura gorge. The gorge is drained by Kyambura River that connects Kazinga Channel. Being the fact that Kyambura gorge is known for primates, the gorge is also a birders haven and many butterflies that will surely make your Uganda chimpanzee safari memorable and life time experience.

 The gorge attracts a number of bird species due to its beautiful scenery and tall trees in the Kyambura forest reserve. Examples of bird species in kyambura gorge include blue-headed Bee eaters, fin foot African bird, fly catchers, falcon, and white napped pigeons among others.


Chimpanzee trekking in kyambura Reserve is the main activity done. Besides chimpanzee trekking, other activities done in the gorge include bird watching, Nature walks, and butterfly watching among others. The gorge is also a home to many other primates besides the chimpanzees such as Baboons, white colobus monkeys, blue monkeys, black colobus monkeys, forest hogs, among others


Chimpanzees are good friends and familiar to human beings since they carry their daily activities in the presence of people. Chimpanzees make nests out of leaves, stems, and branches on top of big trees from where they rest during the day and sleep during the night. Chimpanzees wake up early in the morning and they start there day by picking fruits randomly.

Chimpanzees fight using tree stems to defend themselves from predators and enemies. Chimpanzees feed on fruits, ants, termites, and sometimes kill small monkeys to supplement their diets.


Uganda wildlife Authority is very sensitive when it comes to who is regarded to the Chimpanzee trekking on any Uganda safari. For a person do chimpanzee trekking in kyambura reserve is accounted to be above 12 years of age. 


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