Kibale Forest National Park (The Primates Capital)

Kibale Forest National Park is a park with evergreen rain forest in western Uganda. It includes approximately 766 km2 in size. This forest has one of Africa’s wealthiest eco-systems which includes one of Uganda’s most beautiful and diverse tropical forest tracks. As its home to the biggest number of chimpanzees, it is worth protecting and also includes over 360 species of birds, 14 species of snakes, 27 species of frogs and toads, at least 20 species of other reptiles, over 200 species of butterflies.

It is also a home to animals like elephants, bush pig gigantic hog forest, bats, rodents and many more which makes it an ideal place for a Ugandan Safari. The park is a dream for primatologists. The most accessible of the largest forests in Uganda.

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The park is home to the notable 13 primate species including the localized red colobus and L hoest’s monkey, blue monkey and grey checked mango bey. It is home to a total of about 1000 chimpanzees, 80% of which are used to tourist visits, while the other half are observed animal species such as the endangered red colobus and black and white colobus and the rare colobus.

Kibale National Park is one of the loveliest forests covered by the remaining lowlands and mountain forests and has the greatest variety of flora and fauna.

Accessing Kibale Forest National park

The park is readily accessible through Mubende as well as through Fort Portal. In the southern parts, you can use Mbarara or Kamwenge road to get to the park. You can use the northern route because it is shorter and faster and it has a distance of about 300 km on the tarmac road going to the portal as well as a distance of 36 km to Kanyanchu on the marram.

The camp is available to the Sebitoli forest and it is second in the tourism industry. It is a direct path from Kampala with about 16 km to the fort portal in case you do not want to use it by bus because it goes from Kampala to the fort portal together with Kamwenge via Kanyanchu every day.

The main attractions of Kibale – Primates of wildlife.

Kibale’s primate variety and density are the highest and chimpanzees are the most famous of its 13 species in Africa. The 1450 chimpanzees of Kibale constitute the biggest population of their endangered primates in Uganda. Its famous for chimpanzee tracking, however, is the chance to track usual chimps that are more human-related than any other living creature, they’re enjoyable to watch as they play squarely in fruit trees.

Primate diet such as olive baboon, bush baby, and pot in the park and other species has distinct diets, most of which are folivorous. The research suggests that black and white colobus monkeys consume younger leaves over older leaves because the leaves have more protein and are simpler to digest.

Other wildlife, at least 70 species of mammals current in the park although it is hard to see in the dense forest. There are an estimated 500 elephants along with buffaloes, leopards, warthogs, bush pigs, golden cats, and duikers. It is ideal if you want to spot the reptiles and amphibians as well as the colorful range of about 200 butterfly species.


The park contains more than 375 bird species that can be seen along the boardwalk path and viewing platforms during guided walks. They include the African pitta, green breasted pitta, white napped pigeon, Afep pigeon, crested eagle, red chested owls, black bee-eater, western nicator, yellow-rumped tinkerbird, small greenbul and more unique

Flora species

A number of trees have been seen recovering in abundance from the past where trees had been lost owing to logging in the region. Some of the lost species have been replanted where they have been planted as other exotic tree species such as eucalyptus and pine trees to prevent the forest from dying out.

The various species have drawn scientists from distinct areas of the nation and other parts of the globe to undertake research of such a distinctive forest society for a long time.

Ndali- Kasenda crater lakes

The beautiful Ndali-Kasenda crater lakes were formed 10,000 years ago in the Kasenda, Rweeetea, Rwaihamba and Kabata areas about 30 km west of the fort portal and include 60 stable and seasonal freshwater lakes. They are eye-catching providing a view of dense green vegetation, lovely butterflies, lovely monkeys, Rwenzori hills, melodic bird species and panoramic views of Kabarole tea estate.

While at this stage visitors also see the southern rift valley plains and George lake. Adding to their beauty, the Kayenda lakes have a magical tale connected to them. It is thought that they were created by the Chewi ruler named Ndahura, who escaped his kingdom after his son dethroned him.


Activities in Kibale forest National park

Chimpanzee tracking/trekking and habituation

The park has about 1450 chimpanzees that visitors are guaranteed to see whenever they visit Kibale National Park. The activity starts at 8 am and at 2 pm and lasts approximately 3 hours.

Tourists who get up sooner also have the opportunity to watch the chimps between 6 and 6.30 as they feed their young ones, feed, hunt, rest and as they construct their fresh nests.

At 7 am interested visitors can also participate in a full-day chimpanzee habituation experience, but this needs timely reservations. A chimp community is then allocated to tourists, and this is a very satisfactory experience.

Kibale forest national park
Chimpanzee in Kibale Forest National Park

Birding safaris (Bird watching)

Tourists can effectively enjoy a Uganda birding safari with a variety of bird species. The tour begins at Kanyanchu at 7 am. They can also take you through a site called the Bigodi wetland sanctuary just outside the park. This wetland has up to 136 species of birds that can be seen on guided walks along with the path and viewing platforms

Cultural encounters

Tourists can create executions to local individuals surrounding the park, primarily the Batooro and the Bakiga. Tourists expect to be served in these people’s traditional arts such as traditional healing, local African crafts, dance, music and communicate with these exciting communities of people

Nature walks and hiking in Kibale National Park

As on nature walks visitors take the opportunity to see a range of primates and other inhabitants leave to relax, the night trek usually begins at 7:30 pm and returns to the camp 1-2 hours later armed with strong torch, visitors can see scarcely seen animals such as the bushbaby, potto, nightjar, and cricket as well as a tree chilling hyrax.

Children’s activities

The Uganda Wildlife Authority only enables kids over the age of 12 to take part in forest walks with the remainder of the adult park, but it offers instructional programs for kids under the age of 12, including forest discussions and pond dipping, all under a well-trained guide. Your child’s safety is something you don’t have to worry about, and you can enjoy your primate/chimp tracking safari knowing your kids are occupied positively.


Accommodation in and around Kibale Forest

There are several accommodations and discovered in separate fields, such as the Kibale primate lodge in the park, which offers luxury and convenience to its visitors in eco-friendly accommodation units.

The lodge is situated deep in the park and closes to most park operations and its check-in time begins from 2 pm and check-out is 10 am. Kanyanchu River camp is located in the middle of the park where most activities start from including forest walks and chimp tracking.

In the northern portion of the park, you can find Sebitoli camping ground owned and operated by Uganda wildlife authority. The park doesn’t have electricity, but it’s not just cozy.

The Kibale safari lodge, situated on the manner to Bigodi in Kanyanchu, is situated in the Bigodi region. Chimps ‘ nest, it takes its name from the frequent primate tourists it receives its suit near Nyabubale village and it’s just a 15-minute drive from Kanyanchu the pivot of most of Kibale’s operations including Uganda wildlife chimp tracking adventures and many more.

Kibale Forest National Park Safari Packages

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