Kalinzu forest reserve

Kalinzu forest reserve is situated in the southwestern part of Uganda in Bushenyi district. The forest reserve is next to Queen Elizabeth national park and the extinct Maramagambo forest. Kalinzu forest reserve lies on an average altitude of 1400m above sea level.

Kalinzu forest is a home to numerous amazing wildlife species such as wild pigs, chimpanzees, Leopards, waterbucks, forest hogs, Lions, forest elephants, buffalos among others. The forest reserve is also hosts over 262 butterfly species, over 97 moths, flowering plants, over 6 primate species, including a variety of bird species which will enhance the smile and beauty of your Uganda birding safaris.

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Chimpanzee trekking in Kalinzu Forest National Park Uganda

Kalinzu forest is known for chimpanzee trekking activities. Kalinzu forest reserve is a home to over 300 chimpanzees with over 40 habituated chimpanzees available for chimpanzee trekking on a daily basis. Chimpanzee trekking permits are available and cheaper compared to other chimpanzee trekking sites like Kibale, Budongo, Queen Elizabeth in Kyambura gorge, and Ngamba Island among others.

Besides the chimpanzees, Kalinzu forest is home to other primates that will surely make Uganda chimpanzee safari memorable and a life time experience. Some of the primates include I’hoest, black billed turaco, Baboons, blue monkeys, red tailed colobus monkeys and white monkeys.

With a Uganda chimpanzee safari to Kalinzu forest reserve, with chances you will visit the old man fortune teller of Kalinzu Hills. This old man will tell information about the use of the forest and also get a chance to trek chimpanzees during the night such as Galagos, bush babies, and pottos among others.

With the great sounds made by forest during the night, the sound of crickets mixed with the hat of the tree leaves and refreshing cold winds will surely release your brains making a life time experiences with forest.

Kalinzu forest reserve comprises of camping sites stationed deep in the forest to help you enjoy whole day with the nature. Mainly the camps are set deep in the forest to create a big distance from human activities and nearby communities and also to provide you unique natural experience with the wild.


Accommodations are a bit situated in the queen Elizabeth national park however you can sleep in them and then move to Kalinzu forest for your activities.

  • Jacana lodge
  • Mweya safari lodge
  • Katunguru lodges
  • Park view safari lodge
  • Mweya hostels
  • Queen Elizabeth PVT lodge


  • Don’t little garbage in the forest
  • Don’t provide food or sacks to animals
  • Keep your voices at low
  • Always stay on a tourist trail
  • Only a maximum of 6 people in a group allowed moving through the forest.
  • Advised not to stay at a specific place unless in a group.


Kalinzu forest is situated along Kasese highway as you head to Mbarara district. The forest is located in Bushenyi district with around 10kms west of Ishasha sector of Queen Elizabeth national park.

Kalinzu forest can be approached by road from Kampala the capital city of the republic of Uganda. The drive is around 5hrs depending on the drivers experience.

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