Interesting facts about Gorillas

The Best Interesting facts about Gorillas: what do Gorillas Eat, How do Gorillas Look like, How Gorillas Live, and how Gorillas Give birth all these Interesting facts about Gorillas

What do Mountain Gorillas Eat?

Mountain Gorillas live in extinctions of Volcanoes national park in Rwanda, Virunga national part in Democratic Republic of Congo, Bwindi forest and Mgahinga in Uganda. However Bwindi forest is not an extinct volcanic region well as Mgahinga is.

Bwindi forest is a home to half the remaining mountain gorillas in the world, thus hosts the highest number of gorillas all over the world. Bwindi forest is also known as “Place of Darkness” which is mainly due to the tree covers that occur all the space above them. This makes more darkness in the forest.

Mountain Gorillas mainly satisfy their diet with vegetables which involves afro-montane vegetation and quantities of leaves, fruits, stems, flowers, bamboo, ants, termites, roots, and shoots in all seasons of the year. The silverback consumes almost to 75 pounds every day.

How do Mountain Gorillas Look Like? – Interesting facts about Gorillas

The Male gorillas which are the silverbacks are twice the size of the female gorillas. These silverbacks grow to 6ft and weigh 350-500 pounds with long arms to almost 7ft, strong and muscular compared to female gorillas. The males were named silverback because as they grow their hairs turn somehow silver.

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facts about Gorillas: How Mountain Gorillas look like

These gorillas poses dark longer hair compared to lowland gorillas in the western part of Africa. Mountain gorillas always move and stay on the ground although the juveniles climb and play on the trees. Mountain gorillas have a close relationship with humans and share a 98% of the genetics with the humans.(Interesting facts about Gorillas more info.)

How Do Mountains Gorillas Live

Mountain gorillas live in group families which involves a number of individuals of over 40 members. The family is headed by a dominant silverback which holds the position for years. 

Mountain Gorillas start moving at exactly 6 am to 6 pm with a snooze around lunch time. During the day mountain Gorillas move in various locations in the Virunga conservation area. These Gorillas move and sleep in different locations where they make nests from twigs and leaves.

How Do Mountain Gorillas Give Birth

Female Gorillas have got a gestation period of around 8.5 months. These gorillas nurture the juveniles for many years. Just like humans do, gorillas also give birth to one or twin babies every 4-6 years. Hence there slow production makes there population growth harder to recover from any decline.

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