Entebbe town is situated in Uganda on the northern shores of Lake Victoria’s second-largest freshwater body in the world. Entebbe is the nearest town with a few minutes’ drives to Entebbe International Airport. Entebbe means ‘chair’ in the Luganda language, it was named Entebbe because it was the place in which the Buganda chief raised to adjudicate legal powers, and the seat remains a strong cultural attraction till today

The town has relatively cool and relaxed atmospheric weather conditions than the Kampala capital city of Uganda, with Entebbe town and also the suburb of Kitoro are blessed with markets, shops, Hotels, Bars, and park lots which make a wonderful place to stroll around and stay in. the town is the official residence of the President of Uganda including the oldest Golf course in East Africa called Entebbe Golf Club which was established in 1900.

Entebbe-Kampala road in Enteebbe town
Entebbe to Kampala road

Entebbe town is rich in biodiversity as it introduces you to primates, different bird species, cheeky monkeys, and the squirrels. The town is the start of your Uganda safari tours as you will take a boat ride to the Ngamba Island to see the orphaned chimpanzees, visit the Uganda Wildlife Education center started in 1952 for behind the scene safari programs and studies, visit to the national botanical gardens opened in 1898 for the most interested birders including fishing on the Lake Victoria basin, sunset cruise, cheese cruise, visit to the Reptile village among others

Entebbe town comprises of many hotels, safari lodges, and guest houses for travelers on their Uganda safaris such as Boma Guest House, Karibu Guest House, Protea Hotel, Lake Victoria Hotel, African Roots Guesthouse, and Serena Lake Victoria including various Beaches such as Aero, Imperial Resort, Imperial Botanical, Nabinyoonya Resort Beach, Lido, sports like Golfing among others

Politically, Entebbe is known as a town that used to host a number of government offices and is currently home town to the president’s residence.