Chance of seeing gorillas in Rwanda

This is the most asked question by almost all travelers planning a gorilla safari to Rwanda. The truth is that there are 99% chances of seeing these once endangered species and it is nowhere on record that a tourist once tracked and failed to meet these giant apes, but tour operators can hardly guarantee visitors. These primates are ever on the move in the vast forest of Volcanoes and their movements cannot be controlled but the travelers are always assured of meeting and spending time with the human’s closest relatives following their trails.  It can be so frustrating to pay $1500 for gorilla permit in Rwanda and fail to see these world’s biggest primates. Though no guarantee for travelers to see mountain gorillas, there are great chances of seeing mountain gorillas basing on the following reasons;

The pre trekking check methodology; before the set off time of every trekking day, a section of park ranger usually wake up earlier and hike deep into the forest with their radio calls in search for mountain gorilla whereabouts and once spotted, they communicate to the headquarters. This means by the time any tourists team set off to tracking Mountain gorillas, they already have information on the whereabouts of some Mountain gorilla families and trails to follow in order to meet them which increases on the visitor’s chances of seeing the gorillas.

Mountain gorilla family’s allocation; Chances of viewing mountain gorillas of recent improved in Rwanda by the actual fact that gorilla family allocation of late is finished showing wisdom. Those that don’t seem to be sturdy or energetic are allocated to easier families as compared to the energetic ones. This implies that even those that may have failing attributed to a good condition find themselves making to these gentle giants. With the assistance of the porters and sedan chairs, even individuals with disabilities and the aged are to come through their dream of gorilla tracking as they are being carried through the forest by the porters. Therefore, we are confident to call upon all everybody interested in gorilla trekking to do it now as there are less challenges and the probability of seeing gorillas in Rwanda square measure very high.

Early booking and preparations; For soft reservations and elaborated gorilla trekking strategy, all the tourists are advised to book their tracking permits as early as three (3) months before the trekking date. Gorilla tracking permits are always on high demand and early bookings helps the tour operators to plan and secure the permits on time to avoid disappointments. Additionally, throughout the reservation process, travelers are advised to try and do enough exercises as they will be hiking in jungle that requires physical fitness. Besides fitness, packing essential attires for the tour is basic, items such as hiking boots, warmth keeping clothes, hard body trousers, sun glasses, gloves in preparation for the unreliable forest weather conditions and cameras to capture these wonderful memories.

In conclusion, gorilla trekking is a life time safari that every adventure loving person would die to experience. So, go for it.