Best Bird Watching Tours in Uganda and a Full List of birding destinations in Uganda

Bird Watching tours in Uganda are the most amazing safaris in Uganda. Take a birding safari to Uganda to watch the different bird species at the best birding Spot destinations.

Bird watching or the observation of birds in their natural habitat as a hobby is birding. It can be done with the naked eyes or through a visual enhancement device like the binoculars, a field birding guidebook, telescopes and by listening to the bird sounds or even observing their movements.

Bird watching safaris in Uganda often involves a significant auditory component, as many bird species are more easily detected and identified by ear than eyes.

Uganda has one of the richest birding areas in east Africa. Like mountains, lakes and rivers, forests, wetlands, grasslands, and the fact that it is also a pass way for the endemic species but also the presence of the Albertine rift valley.

Birding safaris - Bird watching
Bird Watching Safaris in Uganda

Top birding Destinations in Uganda

The country has about 23 endemic species, which are most sought birds along with the bizarre-looking shoebill. The best Uganda birding places where someone can do birding from includes the Mabamba wetland, all the national parks of Uganda, river Nile, lakes, Bigodi wetlands in Kibale National park, each of these places have unique bird species.

Doing birding in national parks, you can take a walk through the forests, boat cruises, and game drives and this gives you an opportunity to also do other activities and view wildlife like elephants, buffaloes, primates, antelopes and many more.

Some of the unique bird species found in Uganda include the bizarre shoebill, green breasted pitta, handsome francolin, African finfoot, African pitta, African skimmers, sacred ibis, etc.

East Africa is gifted with so many bird species for example birds in Kenya include lesser flamingos, hornbills, vulture guinea fowl, lappet-faced vulture, lilac-breasted roller, Masai ostrich to mention but a few and Tanzania have white-faced whistling duck, African marsh harrier, African hoopoe, yellow-necked spurfowl, northern white-crowned shrike among others. Birding can be done at any time of the year and it can be for a whole day.


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