Attractions in Queen Elizabeth National Park Uganda

Some the attractions in Queen Elizabeth National Park Uganda. why not tour Now! Updated Information 2020

Queen Elizabeth national park  has possibly existed due its many attractions and for this reason it has gotten fame on the world map.

Queen Elizabeth national park is situated in the southwestern part of Uganda in Kasese district. The park is referred to as “medley of nature” due to many floras, fauna, wildlife and its topography.

Queen Elizabeth national park was gazzetted in 1952 with a diversity of wildlife. This park is the second largest national park in Uganda second to Murchison Falls National Park. Some of the attractions in Queen Elizabeth national park include:


Tree climbing lions are unique creatures which are found within Queen Elizabeth in Uganda and within Lake Manyara in Tanzania. Tree climbing lions are best viewed and many visitors stand chances to view many lions within the Ishasha sector than in Lake Manyara in Tanzania.

Tree climbing lions climb and hung in big candelabra trees during the hot weather or else to spot out their prey.

The existences of tree climbing lions in the southern Queen Elizabeth national park bring many visitors and also highlight the Uganda wildlife safaris.


The fact that Queen Elizabeth national park is situated in the Great Rift Valley of East Africa, it involves many volcanic craters.

The park comprises 10 crater lakes associated with beautiful scenic magnificent landscapes best for photograph and hiking. With a drive in queen Elizabeth on your Uganda wildlife safari, several crater lakes can be spotted out with interesting stories as you will be told by UWA Guides.


Kazinga channel is one of the best birding spot in Queen Elizabeth. The channel connects Lake George and Lake Edward.

The channel is unique for launch cruise activities. During the launch cruise you can spot out a variety of wildlife species at the shores at a relatively close range. Kazinga channel harbors more animals at its shores such as snapping crocodiles, Herds of buffaloes, Hippos and a variety of bird species.


For the best Uganda wildlife safaris, Queen Elizabeth is the best spot for wildlife Gaming safaris. The park is naturally known for its diversity wildlife with over 95 mammal species, about 1000 insect species, reptiles, bats, over 300 Hippos, over 600 bird species, over elephants and over 2000 butterflies.

Boat Cruise on Kazinga Channel
Boat Cruise on Kazinga Channel in Queen Elizabeth National Park


The Equator is the first attraction as you head to Queen Elizabeth national park. Queen Elizabeth is crossed with the equator at 00.

This Equator is demarcated with a round sculpture as a land mark and for that case many visitors stop to pose for photographs and amazing histories about the Equator.


With the breathing cool landscape of Queen Elizabeth composed of the beautiful scenery gives you a glimpse of the glamour of Uganda.

The landscape comprises of undulating hills that reflect the beautiful scenery of the park. The park comprises of plains filled with golden brown savannah grassland vegetation best for relaxing your minds.


Kyambura escarpment is composed of many interesting features such as Kyambura gorge, kyambura wildlife reserve and kyambura forest reserve. Kyambura gorge is as result of the flowing Kyambura River. The gorge is also a strip of the rain forest through the vast savannah grass land plains. The kyambura escarpment gives a spectacular view of the park and the savannah woodland tree species.


Coffee plantations in the Queen Elizabeth national park are another big attraction for coffee lovers. The women group association (Omwani) grows coffee for both local market and export. The coffee is grown without adding any artificial manure in order to produce organic quality coffee. A walk through the plantations and a simple study of the process will make a memorable Uganda coffee safari a life time experience.

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