why tourists Love visiting Murchison Falls National Parks its because: Attractions in Murchison Falls National Park, New Information 2020


Murchison falls and River Nile with its streaming hippos and crocodiles along the shores were the main attractions in this park.

Wildlife in Murchison Falls National Park
Wildlife viewing in Murchison Falls National Park

Today the park has many attractions that you shouldn’t miss on your Uganda safari. The spotlight of the park is the Launch cruise to the bottom of the falls and the river bank wildlife species

NILE-LAKE DELTA an (Attractions in Murchison Falls National Park)

This is where the tranquil Victoria Nile explores in to Lake Albert. This is a unique birders haven with a variety of bird species such as Goliath Herons, Great Egrets, African fish eagles and rare shoebills.


This is the most popular tourist destination in Murchison Falls National park. Buligi game tracks stretches between Victoria Nile and Albert Nile with about 120-170km passing through the savannah grassland, Riverine vegetation, Acacia, woodland.


Kaniyo Pabidi Forest is situated in the south of Murchison falls National Park conservation. Kaniyo Pabidi forest is a home to habituated chimpanzee group available for trekking on a daily basis. The ecosystem harbors other primates including the black and white colobus monkeys, baboons, blue monkeys among others. 

The forest hosts a number of wildlife such as elephants, buffalos, lions, leopards, and Rothschild’s giraffes including a great number of forest birds such as chocolate-backed kingfisher, Puvel’s illadopsis and white-thighed hornbill.


Rabongo forest is surrounded by savanna vegetation occurring around 4 km2. This forest is considered a birder’s paradise due to its endangered species found in it. This forest is available for educational tours with chances to identify animals, birds, medical plants, trees and camping for those who enjoy picnics

BUDOGO FOREST an (Attraction in Murchison Falls National Park)

Budongo forest is situated in the southwestern part of Murchison Falls Conservation Area boarding Murchison falls and the community. Budongo forest is contiguous with the Kaniyo Pabidi forest which is also known for chimpanzee trekking activities.

The forest is a biodiversity with over 360 bird species, over 289 butterflies, over 465 plants, over 24 species of mammals.

Budongo forest trees are all on display along the “Royal Mile”. The Budongo forest is also home primates which make it unique with over 800 chimpanzees possible to be tracked at Busingiro Ecotourism site on the Masindi- Bugungu route to Murchison falls national park 

All the list are Attractions in Murchison Falls National Park

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