Gorilla safari experience recommended accommodations in kibale forest

Accommodation in Kibale Forest National Park

Accommodation in Kibale Forest National Park, Safari Lodges and Hotels in Kibale Forest National Park Uganda

Luxury Accommodations/Safari Lodges  in Kibale Forest National Park

The Best Luxury Accommodations/Safari Lodges in Kibale Forest National Park see list below,

Ndali lodge

The lodge is located in the Ndali Kasenda crater field from the fort portal town positioned on an extinct Volcano rim which is filled with water to form Lake Nyinambuga, the lodge is a luxury accommodation established close to the Kibale national park with activities like nature walk, chimpanzee trekking, and cultural encounters to make an executing Uganda safari amazing one.

The lodge features a thatched building with a sitting room, dining room along with the reception area with 8 cottages surrounded, and each offering adequate space to take up a family and is en-suite with shower, bath, and hand basically.

Papaya lake lodge

This lake lodge is located on the slope of a volcanic crater on the boundary of Kibale National Park in the Ndali Kasenda Crater Field overlooking the magical snow capped Rwenzori Mountains. The lodge has 9 cottages, 8 of them having 2 beds, 1 king-size and 1 single, the cottages contain local stone-decorated bathrooms with shower, private verandas with deckchairs and the remaining cottage having a 2-floor villa with 3 bedrooms, large terrace, spacious bathroom and living room with a fireplace

The lodge is a luxury accommodation owned by the couple (Magdalena and Sebastian) with cottages offering facilities like restaurant, bar, swimming pool, craft collection among others

Kyaninga lodge

This lodge is established on the rim of Lake Kyaninga one of the myriad crater lakes in the area overlooking the legendary Rwenzori Mountains. The accommodation has 8 cottages with solar emergency lights, twin beds, family cottages, raised platforms, private deck overlooking the lake with facilities like bar, swimming pool, 2 deck lounges, 2 galleries, fireplace, restaurant among others

Crater safari lodge

The lodge is positioned at the boundary of Kibale national park on the rim of Nyinabulitwa Crater Lake, which gives magnificent scenic views to the safari travelers. The lodge was established to assist accommodation to the luxurious travelers. The lodge has cottages and facilities like restaurant, bar, lounge, craft shop, mobile spa, and a fireplace

Mid-range Accommodations/ Safari lodges at Kibale forest national park

Mid-Range Accommodation/Safari Lodge in Kibale Forest National Park

Chimpanzee Forest Guesthouse

Chimpanzee forest guesthouse is positioned in a lush isunga tea plantation close to Kibale national park along Kamwengye road offering great views of the forest and overlooking the magical hills and the Rwenzori Mountains. Local Ugandans own the lodge; it features a range of garden cottages alongside the main lodge building with thatched dining room, washroom facilities among others

Chimps Nest

The chimp nest Lodge is located between Bigodi wetlands and Nkingo along the boundary of Kibale forest national park offering scenic views of the forest and the magical Rwenzori Mountains. Since an ideal ground for chimp trekkers, it also offers several activities around such as the Bigodi wetland walk, cultural encounters around the Bigodi community. The lodge features cottages well positioned on a hill overlooking Kibale forest and the magical Rwenzori Mountains, private balcony, outside and inside bathrooms including facilities like Restaurants, bar, parking lot, telephone, lounge, and solar electricity

Mountains of the Moon Hotel

Mountains of the moon hotel is strategically located in Fort Portal town a few kilometers from the main gate of the Kibale forest national park. The hotel has over 33 rooms featuring hand-carved furniture and charming décor which makes it an ideal for business safari travelers with rooms like Deluxe Double, single room, single standard, a twin room and superior double including facilities like swimming pool, health center, bar, fireplace, and extensive gardens

Budget accommodation/Safari Lodges near and around Kibale forest national park

Nyinabulitwa Country Resort and safari camp

This resort is positioned along the boundaries of the Kibale national park a few kilometers from the Fort Portal town next to where chimpanzee trekking safaris are conducted. The resort carters for low budget earners on a Uganda safari tracking chimpanzees in Kibale forest national park offering cottages without terrace to cottages with terrace and the campsite including facilities like cottage accommodation, camping ground, Barbeque, solar power, dining, community women craft center

Rwenzori view Guesthouse

This guesthouse is located in the town of Fort Portal next to the mountains of the moon and was designed by a Swiss architect and built by a Dutch couple.  It is a good position in Boma a serene suburb of Fort Portal town. The lodge features suite rooms, family room, and rooms configured as a single, double and twin with a range of trees, tropical flowers and shrubs. The guesthouse has facilities like Wi-Fi, cozy beds, bathrooms, warm water, solar water heater, and verandahs among others


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