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At Gorilla Safari Experience have expertise in organizing Gorilla trekking Experiences:- Gorilla trekking safaris in Uganda, Rwanda Gorilla Tours and Congo Gorilla tours.

Africa in general is packed with unique bucket-list Safari experiences from the adventurous Gorilla Safaris tours in the rain forests of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, Mgahinga Gorilla National Park, Volcanoes National Park and Virunga National Park to the Great wildebeest migration which are usually spotted from sky riding in hot-air balloon or even on land game drives.

Gorilla trekking Safari Experience offers not only world-class safaris such as Mountain Gorilla Safaris and chimp tracking safaris, wildlife tours, boat cruises, hiking/mountaineering, rafting, bird watching trips, cultural tours or honeymoon safaris in the most amazing and beautiful places but also has the most competitive rates on both safari packages and lodges/hotels for all sizes of tourist group from sole travelers to couple or family to a large group of may be students.

Top reasons as  to why Gorilla Safari Experience Inc is the best

All Gorilla Safaris Destinations
Looking for an adventurous travel vacation? Then maybe a trip to any of all the tourist destination in East Africa would be ideal. From thick forests, to plain lands to beaches

Blanket Booking
A single booking inquiry guarantees all transportation, accommodation, chimp tracking and gorilla trekking permit bookings.

Value for Money
There is no better way to spend your money than on a Safari to the best places in the world. It is researched about. We offer the most effective expertise and worth

Professional Staff
We have team of experience professionals to assist in all stages of your holiday, from travel advises to ground guidance and support during your Safari.

Best Places Only
Besides reach to everywhere in East Africa, we do the best we can to offer wonderful experience to only the most wonderful and amazing places around the continent.

Exciting People
We have the most friendly charming team with a wide range of expertise and knowledge in tourism. So, expect an exciting African safari experience.

Popular Gorilla Safari Tour Packages

Our Popular Gorilla Safari Experience tour Packages allow you to experience beyond trekking gorillas but also wildlife and chimp tracking.

This is the opportunity to experience the best of African safari adventure in the shortest period possible at the most competitive rates all year round.

Gorilla Trekking safari experience - Congo gorilla tour

The 5 days Congo Gorilla tour involves you exploring the lush Virunga National Park while on a trek to view mountain gorillas and hike to the top of Mount Nyiragongo. Virunga National Park lies in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and its establishment in 1925 was primarily to offer refuge to a section of the rare mountain gorillas that today still thrive on earth and only exist in 3 countries. Currently, this park consists of 8 habituated families; Munyaga, Mapuwa, Lulengo, Humba, Kabirizi, Nyakamwe, Bageni, Rugendo and only one group will be assigned to you to trek in a group of 8 trekkers. Your 5 days Congo gorilla and Nyiragongo hike safari will commence and end in Kigali. View More

Gorilla trekking tours in Rwanda experience

The 6 days Rwanda Gorilla and wildlife tour involves exploring Volcanoes National Park while on mountain gorilla trekking and Akagera National Park on wildlife tour. This package combines both magical encounter with the rare mountain gorillas while in the wild and variety of savanna dwellers in Akagera National Park including a complete list of big five African game-African lions, buffaloes, leopards, rhinos, African bush elephants; bird species, zebras, Masai giraffes, antelopes including topis, waterbucks, elands, sitatungas, roan antelopes; primates as well as hippos, crocodiles while on a boat cruise on Lake Ihema. Your 6 days Rwanda gorilla and wildlife tour… View More

Rwanda gorilla safari experience

5 days Rwanda gorilla and chimp trekking safari and strike your imaginations with the two great apes; the endangered mountain gorillas in the pristine jungles of Volcanoes National Park and chimpanzees in Nyungwe National Park. By far, this is an exceptional primate package set for you to explore and experience what Rwanda has to offer the world when it comes to great apes and other iconic tourist attractions. It also covers canopy walk in Nyungwe National Park, Kigali city tour and cultural exploration in Iby’Iwacu Cultural Village. You will start and end your safari in Kigali. These tours can further be customized to serve your travel desires… View More

Special Gorilla trekking Safari Offers

Short and Long Safaris tour Packages in Rwanda, Congo and Uganda: Carefully handpicked tour packages that includes all the best safari activities and adventures

Akagera National Park - Rwanda safaris

1 Day Akagera National Park Safari Our driver will pick you up early in the morning from Kigali city and drive you to Akagera National Park. Possible viewings of buffalo, topi, plains zebras, elands, impalas, giraffes, reedbucks, water bucks, elephants and sitatungas can be rewarded by a game drive upon arrival. View More

Jinja white water rafting Jinja Experience

1 Day Jinja tour in Uganda; Your safari guide will meet you and you depart for a daylong adventure in Jinja. After driving out of Kampala city, the highway transforms into a picturesque drive that passes through plantations of tea and sugar and the colorful fruit/vegetable markets along the way. Click here to View More

bwindi Forest National Park gorilla trekking

3 Days Gorilla trekking Safari takes to Bwindi Impenetrable National Park to trek Mountain Gorillas in Uganda. On your 3 Days gorilla safari to Uganda, you will spot Mountain Gorillas why not Book Now with Gorilla Safari Experience. A Gorilla Trekking Tour is a contribution to the conservation of these giant primates. View More

gorilla trekking in Uganda experience

3 Days Queen Elizabeth Safari Uganda takes you to view Wildlife animals including; Leopard, Spotted Hyena, Hippos, Buffaloes, Lions, and the elusive giant hog in the forest. 3 Days Queen Elizabeth tour. Trekking Chimpanzees, Black Faced Red Colobus, Red Tailed Monkeys, Black and White Colobus Monkeys, Blue, and Olive Baboons are among the primates. View More

murchison falls-hippos in river nile experience

4 Days Murchison Falls National Park Safari and Chimpanzee trekking takes you to Murchison Falls Park and Kibale Forest National Park for Chimpanzee trekking. 4 Days Murchison Falls tour introduces you to the strongest Falls in the world and stunning wildlife where you will spot the big five before going for chimp tracking safari in the “Primates Capital of the World”. View More

Rwanda gorilla safari experience

7 Days Uganda Safari to Bwindi, Queen Elizabeth, and Kibale National Park will guide you to Uganda’s astonishing attractions found in these three national parks. Bwindi Impenetrable Forest national park is famous for the endangered mountain gorillas. Kibale well known for the delightful chimps and Queen Elizabeth national park branded for its climbing lions is rare elsewhere. View More

Gorilla trekking Safari experience

8 Days Uganda safari to the famous Ugandan game parks; Bwindi which is a famous spot for the endangered mountain gorillas, queen Elizabeth which is also prominent for its tree-climbing lions and Kibale a hub for the stunning chimpanzees. An 8 Days Uganda tour to these picturesque parks will leave you with great memories. Safari highlights include; Day 1: Arrival, Day 2: Kampala – Bwindi Impenetrable Gorilla forest, Day 3: Gorilla Tracking in Bwindi Gorilla Forest, Day 4: Transfer to Queen Elizabeth National Park View More

bwindi- uganda gorilla safari experience

9 day Uganda safari will lead you to the spectacular Ugandan parks with eye-catching activities that will leave you curving for more. In these 9 days Uganda safari will help you experience the various astonishment at Murchison falls national parks which is famous for its strongest falls in the world, a stop over to Ziwa rhino sanctuary which is a reserve to the endangered rhinos, a visit to Kibale National Park, which is a home the delightful chimps and a visit to Bwindi impenetrable national park which is a domicile for the endangered… View More

Chimpanzee trekking in Uganda Experience

10 Days Uganda Primates Safari to Ngamba island, Kibale Forest and Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National park among others is an adventure to explore humans’ closest relatives. Experience the games played by chimpanzees and the baboons watching you oddly. The amazing mountain gorilla encounter in a lifetime experience! You have the boat rides to and from chimpanzee island of Ngamba. Safari Highlights Day 1: Arrival, Day 2: Ngamba Island, Day 3: Entebbe – Kibale National Park, Day 4: Kibale national park… View More

Most Visited Places (Top National Parks)

Best travel destinations everyone should include on their travel bucket list

Virunga Congo National Park Gorilla experience
The park lies in the south western part of the country on the edge of the Rift Valley, before the park became a national park it had two blocks of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest Uganda Gorilla trekking experience were designated as Crown Forest reserve. More

When it comes to safari experiences, Volcanoes National Park is ideal for hiking adventures. To get the best of hiking experience in this park, you can hike through Karisimbi-4507 meters and features. More

The falls of Nile at Murchison Falls National Park

The park is Uganda’s largest national park it was first visited by European explorers John Speke and James Grant, in 1862 but it was further more explored by Samuel and Florence Baker in the year. More


Akagera National Park is largely a savanna based protected area with variety of savanna dwellers. It is the only park in Rwanda with a complete list of big five game; African bush elephants, lions, buffaloes. More


The park derives its name from the queen of England. It was a grazing area for the local Basongora tribes who were cattle keepers and depended on grazing and pastoralism. Towards the end of the last. More

7 Days Safari To Bwindi, Queen Elizabeth And Kibale Np

Kibale National Park is a park with evergreen rain forest in western Uganda. It includes approximately 766 km2 in size. This forest has one of Africa’s wealthiest eco-systems which includes one of Uganda’s most… More

Top Things to do in Uganda

7 Days Safari To Bwindi, Queen Elizabeth And Kibale Np

Gorilla Trekking Safari Experience

Gorilla safari experience is an amazing and breathtaking experience like no other. This is a very unique activity which engages gorilla trackers into hiking up and down through the thick vegetation of the forest and mountains as they follow different gorilla trails and observing silence to enjoy the sounds of the jungle until when you encounter with the gentle giants. This activity needs one to be physically fit or else you will need to hire potters to carry you and you will need comfortable trekking shoes. Read More…

Wildlife viewing tours/game drives

A wildlife safari tours are quest that presupposes sighting of different wildlife and this can be done on the designated tracks which are usually done in a 4WD which able to do an offtrack with a well trained, armed and qualified ranger guide who explains the different behaviors of animals and also interpret nature. Wildlife safari is usually done during the cool hours of the day, this is a time when animals are more active like early morning, afternoon and late in the evening. Read More…

wildlife - gamedrive
shoebill - the gorilla safari

Bird Watching tours

Bird watching tours experiences: The observation of birds in their natural habitat as a hobby is birding (Read about birds in Uganda). It can be done with the naked eyes or through a visual enhancement device like the binoculars, a field birding guidebook, telescopes and by listening to the bird sounds or even observing their movements. Birding often involves a significant auditory component, as many bird species are more easily detected and identified by ear than eyes. Uganda has one of the richest birding areas   Read More…

Golden Monkey Trekking

Golden monkey trekking experience is one of the intoxicating experiences a tourist should not miss out on their list of things to do during an African safari experience. Golden monkey trekking experience is a venture carried out in search for the unique golden monkeys. These primates are well known for their attractive and unique striking color of black and orange on their flanks. During your mountain gorilla safari, you can implement it with searching for these endemic and endangered species of monkeys. Read More…

Golden Monkey trekking
rafting at jinja Uganda

White Water Rafting in Jinja Uganda

white water rafting in Jinja; The majestic and famous River Nile is home to the most spectacular white water rafting stops in the entire universe. Rafting is a thrilling activity that any adventurous spirit should not miss out on doing, it involves one seating in a paddle and there you can expect to enjoy the breathtaking and thrilling rollicking strings of grade 5 rapids, that has got pretty plenty of thrills and spills of rapid water. This is a perfect opportunity for first-time rafters to get out of their comfort…   Read More…

Cultural Tours

Cultural tours; Africa is a cultural melting pot with a lot to offer, it is not only abundant in wildlife and nature but also endowed with enchanting cultural heritage. There are well-established kingdoms and chiefdoms that have a well-established administrative system. Uganda alone has over 50 tribes each with their unique cultural practices and traditional lifestyle. Most visited tribes and cultures in Uganda are the Batwa pygmy tribe, the Karamojong, and IKs in Karamoja region.  Read More…

Uganda cultural tour experience

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